Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to Transfer Media Files between iPod and Computer?

As the iPod user, I think you may have happened to encounter such kind of problem that you accidentally wiped out all your files on computer and want to upload all the files from iPod to computer or you just want to download music and video from computer to iPod folder. Then I will strongly recommend you a powerful iPod Transfer application: Movavi iCopy. This is a piece of sophisticated software for you to transfer all your music, movies, videos, pictures and other files between your iPod and computer.

With this easy-to-use program, you will never worry about the iPod to computer transferring process. And following is the simple guide for your reference:

Step 1: Start iPod Transfer on computer.

Plug your iPod into your computer and double-click the program icon on your desktop. Your iPod file list will appear on the Media library pane.

Step 2: Select the files from the library.

In the Media library pane, select a file from which you would like to upload. And all the selected file details will be displayed.

Step 3: Set for the output files.

Click the icon next to the Output directory field and choose a necessary folder. If you like, you can also choose Overwrite existing files to replace old files with the newly created ones and the Copy Folder Structure to keep the structure of files when uploading iPod to computer.

When all are ready, click Download button to start exporting iPod files to computer and the task will be completed in a short while.
So, with this powerful iPod to computer transferring tool - iPod Transfer and its simple steps, you can have a perfect iPod life!


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